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  1. akseattle

    @firefly24 I'd like to know how your M&P embeds do over time in your CP soap

    @Firefly24 , your M&P rosettes you posted on another thread look great on your loaf. I'd like to know how they do over time in your CP soap. I'd like to use M&P embeds in my CP soap but in a discussion started by @Feelin' Soapy a couple months ago, it seems like they could be problematic. One...
  2. D

    M&P embeds on CP soap - questions

    Hi, I'm new to the soap making forum and trying to find answers to my questions... my head is spinning! I put M&P embeds ontop of my CP soap. I guess this is a packaging question... Ok, CP soaps are supposed to be open to the air to dry and M&P are supposed to be wrapped to cut down on glycerin...