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  1. squigglz

    Been away so long--Latest soaps :)

    Hey all, took ages for me to come back :) Missed this forum! Here's some of the soap I have been working on. I hope this post is ok ^^ Just a couple Halloweens
  2. S

    Home made bitters in soap

    Hello ppl! I am a new one to this soap thing and my brains can't stop thinking on how to colour my soaps naturally,scent them or just what to add to it. And in one of my frenzyes of looking throughout my house for anything that i could add i've found some jars of an older project where i made...
  3. K

    Playing with HP Swirls

    I wasn't sure where to post this so please correct me if there is a better place. As most of you... patience is NOT my virtue! So I've been playing with my HP batches trying to get some creative results. I was pretty happy with this one. Forgive the crappy photos. I'm moving and only had my...