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Aug 12, 2020
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Hello ppl!
I am a new one to this soap thing and my brains can't stop thinking on how to colour my soaps naturally,scent them or just what to add to it.
And in one of my frenzyes of looking throughout my house for anything that i could add i've found some jars of an older project where i made some bitters for my gin based cocktails.
And here comes the big question: Did anyone tried using alcohol based bitters in soap making?
I know that alcohol and CP soap do not get along but i was more thinking in the way of HP clear soap making that involves alcohol.
And i think probably the herbal concentration may be a bit to much for the skin that's why i only think of making a clear red moon imbed(one of my bitters is a bloody rubin color becuse of all that dryed forestfruits ,hibiscus and orange peel that i've added) and the rest of the soap to be CP with just some oils that i've infused with flower petals for color
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Apr 2, 2012
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Hello and Welcome! You can certainly give it a try. You're talking about making MP not HP. Though MP is done with heat. Most natural colorants aren't going to last and none of them will leave you with any scent. The lye destroys most everything. Colors tend to fade over time. Which is fine for personal use. Most flower infused oils will turn brown when lye is added. I use cocoa powder, I've used paprika but it faded at 3-6 months. There are many posts here for natural colorants and members results if you do a search. I like micas. Since you're new here please be sure to go to the introduction forum and tell us a bit about yourself.

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