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    Shave soap recipe drying my skin

    Hi All, I have been experimenting with shaving soaps. My original challenge was getting a stable, creamy lather. Thanks to people in this forum, I am well on track to getting this. However, I am having a new issue. After shaving with the soap, my skin is left extremely dry. I have read...
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    Quick, easy, no heating required lotion / moisturiser recipe

    I was fortunate to speak to the cosmetic chemist who created Sucragel at SCS Formulate last week and picked up some formulating tips ....Quick, easy, no heating required lotion / moisturizer recipe :- http://makingskincare.com/2013/11/20/quick-no-heat-lotion/
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    After many requests, I finally got round to writing an in-depth article on preservatives (incl "natural" & "Ecocert"). Hope you will find it informative:- www.makingskincare.com/preservatives/