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  1. lyschelw

    25% off new butters and oils. Candle Cocoon.

    NEW Soap, Bath and Body products! 1 Day Sale! Get 25% off any of the new products! We don't even have the pictures up yet! Limited Sizes. NEW products include; Mango Butter Avocado Oil (Virgin Organic) Jojoba Oil (Golden Organic) Castor Oil (Organic) Kokum Butter Babassu Oil (Organic)...
  2. S

    Mango Butter Extracted from Seeds

    Hi. I'm the husband of a 1yr tenured, talented soap/candle maker. Here in Florida mangos are in season and my lady asked me if I could get mango butter from some seeds. I read up on line and said, "no, sorry, no one does it. You need a hydraulic press or solvents." In order to get what she...
  3. xoticsoaps

    Can You Help Me Find Mango Seed Oil?

    I was working on a recipe late last night and I accidentally picked Mango Seed Oil instead of Mango Seed Butter. I didn't realize it until an hour or two ago. After I discovered this, I initially thought that they were the same, but when I checked back on I found that they have...
  4. G

    Need a check and advice on a recipe

    So Christmas is coming and it's about time to craft a batch and set it to cure. And since its Christmas, I decided to gift more of a luxury, conditioning soap, than practical, cleansing one. Now I've been somewhat obsessed with making "tropical" themed soap for Christmas gifts so I figured I'd...
  5. Mommysoaper

    Mango from ED

    I tried a new FO-- Mango madness from ED. Now usually I only order lye and some EOs from ED, but decided, "What the heck?" the other day and ordered two FOs: Clean Cotton and Mango madness. I didn't use CP for the Clean Cotton but put it into my liquid laundry soap-- not bad. Just tried using...