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  1. LittleSis

    Inexpensive Master Batched Lye Tank?

    Hello fellow soapers! I’ve been master batching my lye for a few years and love it! I’ve been looking for a storage tank that won’t break the bank and I may have found one, but wanted to get your thoughts on it. It’s actually a beer making boiler, but it’s capacity Is 9 gallons (so really 7.5 or...
  2. spiritpots

    peppermint tea turning lye water dark orange

    I am new to soap making and my first three batches have turned out great. I couple of weeks ago I made a Lavender Rosemary soap and used sage infused distilled water instead of plain distilled water. The lye water turned dark green from using the sage infused water and the color of the soap is...
  3. R

    Where to find high-temp HDPE? For master batching lye water?

    I just read in Kenna Cole's (wonderful) ebook on master batching that HDPE is best for lye water because it holds up excellently. I also just checked an MSDS on lye and it confirms HDPE is best (for airtight storage). Do you know of any high-temp-safe HDPE buckets? For purposes of mixing...
  4. O

    Oils into lye water?

    Hello guys :) Since I come up with weird questions in my head, I thought I'd ask for your help on these questions I have. A) Can I pour my oils into the lye water instead of the usual lye water into oils? I just need to know, been wondering for a month. B) For any of you who has experience...