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  1. Raycreations33

    Is it okay to Pre-mix lye solution ??

    Is it safe to pre-mix batches of lye solution to keep on hand?? Waiting for the lye-water solution to cool down is reallyyyyyy working my patience muscle!
  2. LittleSis

    Inexpensive Master Batched Lye Tank?

    Hello fellow soapers! I’ve been master batching my lye for a few years and love it! I’ve been looking for a storage tank that won’t break the bank and I may have found one, but wanted to get your thoughts on it. It’s actually a beer making boiler, but it’s capacity Is 9 gallons (so really 7.5 or...
  3. Kila

    Determining LC & super fat percentages

    I am going to use 40% for my LC and 4% superfats. What would tweaking with these numbers do? What does a higher or lower superfat percentage do? And if I wanted to use 33% LC like many other people, what would be the biggest difference as opposed to 40? Thanks.
  4. M

    Tea in soap?

    Has anyone done tea in soap? Meaning instead of just plain old water you would brew your tea and use that instead with the lye mix. Any tips or comments would be helpful ty :)
  5. D

    Lye solution container

    I am new to CP soap making. I used a #5 plastic container to mix the lye solution. There was a hard crust at the bottom that I couldn't get out with the spatula. Plus, how does one clean up the container? I ended up throwing it away, but that's not right, nor good for the environment.