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  1. A

    Liquid Soap Separating During Cook

    Hi there! I am desperate for some insight... I have made liquid soap several times from existing recipes and they've usually turned out beautiful. I am hoping to make my own recipe so I did some research and made a recipe I am almost certain is sound but it keeps separating during the cook...
  2. B

    Magnesium chloride

    Hello. I am a beginner hot process liquid soap maker. I know you can thicken diluted paste using table salt (sodium chloride) but can you do the same with magnesium salt (magnesium chloride) I already have a ton for making bath salts and salt scrubs. Just trying to find another use. If no...
  3. Ashraf Emam

    Colorant and Essential Oils in liquid soap

    Hi everyone, .. I want to know what is the best time to add the colorant and essential oils among the liquid soap making steps? What is the ratio as well.. Thank you wonderful group.
  4. F

    Cracking crock pot?

    Hi! I made a batch of castille soap in my crock pot successfully. When I started making my second batch, as I was pouring in the lye, the ceramic cracked and poured my hot oil and lye mixture all over my counter and floor. To say the least, it was a disaster! I'm wondering what led to the...
  5. JenBen

    Uughh, what went wrong?

    Hello, This is my first attempt at liquid soap. Based on several post, I calculated 3% superfat and a 25% lye concentration. Soapcalc gave me: 250.79 grams of water 83.60 grams of lye 453.59 grams of olive oil I put the oil in the crock pot at 160*. Once warmed, I mixed...
  6. MeeraBubbles

    Bubble Bath Meltdown 😩😂

    Hi everyone, I’m new to making bubble bath. The original recipe i found calls for: 1/4 cup Vegetable Glycerin 1/2 cup Distilled water 1/2 cup unscented Castile soap I came up with a lovely combination of essential oils and makes my first batch. Aromatherapy wise it was perfect but my bubbles...
  7. B

    Making liquid soap in the oven - doesn't become jelly

    I'm trying to make liquid soap in the oven. I've used a soap calculator with 50% olive oil, 30% coconut oil, and 20% sunflower oil. I've entered 3% super fat in the calculator, and used distilled water. I've got a really nice mashed potato after mixing the oils and lye, then I put it in the oven...
  8. T

    How to dilute LS similar to Dr. BRonners

    I've made Olive oil LS and also Coconut oil LS. Diluting the paste is driving me nuts. I'm assuming diluting 1:1 will bring MY LS to base line that is roughly the starting point of Dr Bronners Castile soaps. I would like to try some recipes that calls for his LS but use mine instead. Any...
  9. E

    Nothing Thickens My Castile Soap!

    Hey fellow soapers, So I made some liquid Castile Soap awhile back to use as a base for body wash that I wanted to make and sell. After several months, I have tried thickening it using multiple methods, but all have failed. Where did I go wrong? Salt water makes a milky precipitate, and...
  10. R

    Thickening Liquid Soap

    I have made a liquid soap but I want to thicken it to get to a body wash/shampoo like consistency. I have tried added guar and xanthan gums and it either doesnt thicken enough or gives it a very chunky consistency. I have also been advised to try salt and when I added salt in, the base separated...
  11. Zelda Rose

    Looks like INSTANT liquid soap? HELP!

    This is my second batch of soap. The 1st recipe was from soaping 101 and I needed to put in more Glycerine. The recipe was off. Here is what I used today. Castor 3.59 oz Coconut 11.43 oz Palm .98 oz Glycerin 11 oz KOH 3.5 oz I blended and blended and all I've got is a crock pot of amber...