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  1. R

    Liquid Castile Soap Is Sticky - Any Advice?

    Hi all, I'm trying to make some nice liquid castile soap which is simple enough, but it leaves the skin feeling a bit sticky. By this I mean after you use it, if you run your hands over your skin instead of it being completely smooth your hand almost jumps a bit because it feels a bit sticky...
  2. K

    Can extract be used in Castile LS

    I’ve been making liquid Castile soap for quite a while, I’ve been having a hard time finding peppermint EO. I have extract(now mind you I know it can’t be added to cold process….) can I use peppermint extract in diluted Castile soap instead of EO?
  3. M

    Making shampoo & conditioners

    Hey, everyone!! I was wondering if anyone make shampoo and conditioner? This is something that I'm hitting a wall with like everytime. I've made liquid soap but how do I go about making shampoo?? Conditioner?? What do I add to make it gentle on your scalp? My hair is very brittle right because...
  4. N

    Newbie alert!! Dr bronners diy for shampoo??? Help I'm so confused

    Hi, I'm new to soap making and I'm really confused whats the best way to make liquid soap for shampoo? I'm told the bars don't work as good! In just changing from store bought shampoo as I'm having alot of hair loss! Of seem the Dr bronners and wanted to make my own? Does anyone have a basic...
  5. B

    Liquid Castile Soap

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has any experience with making liquid soaps or using pre-made bases and going from there. Been having issues with separation and i am using emulsifying wax. It's a funny game...sometimes after EO's are added you get super thin or sometimes superthick. would love...