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  1. WhittanyWho

    Whittany Who?

    I’ve found SMF very helpful over the years, but I’ve never signed up to participate in discussions. One of my soap sisters invited me to challenge with her, and here I am getting started so I can do so eventually. I’m a full time math teacher and a small time soap maker. I’m glad to join and see...
  2. F_Drip

    I Dream In Soap!

    The idea of making soap started as more of a fun idea, as I enjoy creating with my hands no matter how it comes out (mind you, I’m not very great but that doesn’t ever stop me). Just like I learned to make my fabulous chapsticks in 2019, in December 2020, I decided I wanted to start making soap...
  3. judithyw

    hello! Lurker here~

    Hello everyone!! I finally joined SMF and decided to post a intro thread! I’ve been soaping since the start of 2019, and loved it from the start. It’s science, art, craft, herbs, healthcare, skincare - everything I love all rolled into one!! I really got into it my accident, I randomly...
  4. myjslux81

    A little introduction from a Newbie Visually Impaired Soapmaker

    Hi there! My name is Jenny Lux. I am not sure if I am doing this correctly but I saw that this thread was for new soap makers. The reason I am not sure if I am inserting my introduction in the right place is because I am legally blind/visually impaired. Due to birth defect and glaucoma, I have...
  5. The Bubble Fairy

    An intro from me...

    Hi All, I'm Andrea from Auckland, New Zealand, and I've been soaping obsessively for about two years now. There's always more to learn, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to sign up here - thank you!
  6. KaySteve


    Hello my name is Kayla and i am 27 years old. i have fallen into the whole that is home made soap lol started off with melt and pour, im working on switching to cold process and maybe some other things. I live in southern california and am just really excited to be able to talk to people and...
  7. Renee Barlow

    Hello from New York

    I'm in upstate new York and found you all a couple of days ago, so I joined, so I could ask questions, or find my answer. I've been making small batches of soap for years now, mainly for my family. I personally like hot process, although cold process is and can be prettier. I am starting to...
  8. Emma Cook

    Hi! I’m Emma!(:

    Hello everyone! My name is Emma and I’m 18 years old and currently studying business administration in college. :) I guess something that I will share about myself is that I am autistic! Being on the spectrum does interfere with my daily life, but it is a huge part of my personality! I’ve come...
  9. C

    Just a Newbie from Kentucky

    Hey Y'all I've dabbled with melt and pour on and off over the last year and I want to learn more! I dont think I'm ready for hot or cold process yet though... I have so many questions about bases, suppliers, fragrances, and additives. I cant wait to learn from everyone i.p.oexperience! ( I...
  10. NadiaLW

    Hello! Newbie soapmaker from Belgium

    Hello to all! I am from Belgium, south. Just finishing my marketing bachelor's degree and searching for business ideas. I am thinking of starting a local soap brand, with a subscription; maybe in the future. That's why I am learning about soap making! I have loads of questions, of course, and...
  11. Kelly Frizzell

    NewBEE from Saskatchewan says "Hello"

    Hello, I have always loved learning, DIY, and doing crafts and now that I am retired from teaching (June 2105) I have more time to do and try many things. We have one son but are empty nesters; I live with my husband, who is also a retired (June 2018) teacher, our two Harlequin Great Danes, four...
  12. Iluminameluna

    Where are my manners?!

    Hello, Soaping geniuses! My name is Jessie and I've been lurking and posting (a bit) and though I read through the pinned posts, I'd never introduced myself. That's just rude and inexcusable, right? :rolleyes: So here are my bonafides: I'm originally from San Francisco, but in a very...
  13. msunnerstood

    HI All, Traditional Introduction Post :)

    Hi There, I am new to soaping, about 6 months. I sort of went backwards and started with liquid soap and by some miracle, it was successful. Since then I have done Melt and Pour, and Hot Process soaps as well. Happened across this forum and saw some really good information. Hoping to learn and...
  14. Nanditasr

    Not so new, but an intro all the same

    I've been posting off and on, but I figured I should still introduce myself! I'm Nandita from Bangalore, India. I try hard to live as green and chemical-free as possible, which is why I started making soap (and my own deodorant, body lotion and toothpaste). I do all this for a hobby. I am a...
  15. ForTheDogs


    Hey! My name is Cookie and I've been playing with MP for a couple of months. Kinda getting the hang of it, but keen to learn. The better bars I make I sell to aid the rescue dogs in my care, hence my handle. Apologies in advance if you see me spell words like favorite, colour, and so on...