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  1. Marissa Uhler

    Steeping herbs in lye water

    I have a question about steeping dried herbs in the lye water in soap making... I been making cold-process soap for several years. In order to infuse herbs into my soap at times when I don't want the ground herb directly in the bar (like a shampoo bar), I would usually make a hot-water infusion...
  2. C


    Hi everyone. I just started infusing different oils and I am having a few problems I tried googling but got nowhere. I used Coconut oil + DRIED mint leaves, double boiler low heat for about 4-6 hours. Strained it, canned it. It has been sitting in the mason jar for about 8 hours now and I...
  3. Cereal

    Horrible smells from lye water infusions...sometimes!

    Hello, I’ve been making liquid and solid soaps for a few months and really appreciate this very helpful forum! So far lots of fun and no big problems, but I’d appreciate any insight to my current issue. The last two times I tried to infuse the lye water (green jasmine tea, and today...
  4. Dawni

    Natural colorant in HP series: Ratanjot

    While doing research I found some soap blogs that say Alkanet (the more popular of the two) and Ratanjot are the same thing. I've also found sites which state that they are two different plants, and so does Jo Haslauer in this article here. They do apparently give similar results so I guess...
  5. BattleGnome

    extracts vs infusion

    A couple weeks ago I set up oregano in vodka to make an extract. the original idea was to make an oregano extract to add to a marinara/Italian themed soap. After I had a chance to think about it I realized I should have set up the oregano to infuse into olive oil. Can I still use my extract in...
  6. J

    Alkanet Colorant - % in soap

    Could some one let me know,what % of Alkanet powder or Alkanet infused Olive oil to mix in a pound of soap,to get a Lavender/Purple shade. I made Alkanet infused Olive oil (Hot infusion with using 4tsp alkanet powder in 8 oz olive oil). >And used 6 tbsp of this infused oil in around 800ml of...
  7. D

    Infused Olive Oils

    So first time posting, only done two batches of hot process soap so far. Thankfully both have been successful. But this is a question about oils. I work for a winery and we have olive oils that we sell that are past their sell by date. Usually they just go into the trash but I'm trying to get...
  8. C

    Using home-grown lavender in CP soap?

    My mother-in-law is home-growing some lavender plants, and while she was showing them to me she wondered aloud if I would be able to use them in my soap. Has anyone had experience in using fresh lavender plants to scent their CP soap? We thought maybe if we let the leaves (or maybe even the...
  9. alycia_v

    Do the medicinal properties of herbs make it through the soapmaking process?

    Hi, I'm new to soapmaking but I am an experienced crafter and do-it-yourselfer :razz: I am working on a soap recipe for my Chinese herbal medicine class and I have a few questions. 1. I have seen oil and lye infusions using herbs. Do the medicinal properties of the substances make it through...
  10. C

    Infused Oil Help

    Hi all! I have been making soap now for around a year, and during this time I've been following pre-made recipes found online with minimal tweeking here and there. I'm at the point where I'd like to create my own recipes, and I've done a lot of research into SAP #s and calculating lye...