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  1. Mobjack Bay

    Matcha Tea & Indigo Soap

    I decided to use some time this winter to play around with natural colorants and EO blends, and to take better notes so I can remember exactly what I did when the results are good (or bad). Here's a couple of matcha tea and indigo soaps I made yesterday. The tea powder (old... from 2019...
  2. ShelbbyLeighh

    Indigo powder is green?

    Good morning, I experimented with Indigo Powder for the 1st time yesterday in my cold process swirl soap. My indigo powder is a very mossy, earthy green. I kind of thought maybe it would change to a blueish color as the soap hardened, but this morning it is still quite green. Anyone experience...
  3. J

    Herbal Colorant Natural Colorant Tea

    Today's experiment was to see how different herbal colorants work when you make a tea from them and then use the tea for your water for the lye solution. Today, I used Madder Root. It's suggested that you can add this herb (also Indigo) to lye solution and then filter it out, so I figured if...
  4. Seawolfe

    Adventures in indigo - mix with oil & CPOP - overheating?

    Ok so I guess Soap Queen has a tutorial where she disperses powdered indigo with some oil from the batch, and uses that to color part of the batch. More disturbingly I have lately found my husband watching these Soap Queen videos about making swirls, muttering darkly to himself and twiddling...
  5. Seawolfe

    Indigo powder and soap rocks

    I want to try my hand with the indigo powder from SMR. In my searches it seems that this colorant usually (almost always?) fades to grey or a very light blue. So I want to make a soap where I aim for blue, but grey would work as well. So hey look - CP soap rocks! (I'm more interested in the...