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  1. R

    Help/Troubleshooting my second batch: Rock hard solid in Crockpot after 25 minutes!

    Hello all! I've been lurking for a month or two while enjoying the fruits of my first amateur batch. My first batch was a CP that I converted to a HP recipe (CO/EVOO blend using oils I had on hand) and it turned out OK considering it was my first batch. I tried today to follow a recipe/formula...
  2. Danielle_WM

    Help- Large Chunks in HP Bastille-ish Soap. Cook Stages Did Not Look Like Pics.

    Hello, Been searching the threads and Google for some answers, but didn't quite find was I was looking for. I am not new to CP soap making, but I decided to give HP soap a try. I did a spin on bastille soap but added an exotic butter: Ucuuba. I've never had any issues with CP soap. My recipe...