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  1. omdougherty

    Help rebatching three week old crumbling soap

    Hello All! I have a question about rebatching because Im very new to soapmaking and it seems im learning a lot along the way. This recipe I am trying to rebatch after three weeks was a Hot Process soap recipe with 15 oz of Oil with 40% lye solution (I mad 100% solution at first with water and...
  2. F

    What happened to my hot process liquid soap paste?

    Hey everyone, I a new here and new to soapmaking. I wasn't sure whether to post here or in the beginners forum but it seemed more related to liquid soap than beginners issues. Anyway... I have only made one batch of castile liquid soap which took ages to trace and saponify but eventually it...
  3. Danielle_WM

    Help- Large Chunks in HP Bastille-ish Soap. Cook Stages Did Not Look Like Pics.

    Hello, Been searching the threads and Google for some answers, but didn't quite find was I was looking for. I am not new to CP soap making, but I decided to give HP soap a try. I did a spin on bastille soap but added an exotic butter: Ucuuba. I've never had any issues with CP soap. My recipe...