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    What's the "saponification value" of honey?

    I've made a few batches of soap with honey as an additive (60 grams per kilo of oil). I noticed the soap is a bit slow to set, and the soap residue in my equipment was a bit oilier than usual. So, I got to thinking, honey is acidic so it probably reacts with lye. I tried removing the honey as an...
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    HP Honey Soap Blunder....

    So, I'm making some hp honey oatmeal soap, and I decided to add my honey at the beginning of my cook instead of at the end as I usually do. It's been in there about 30 mins and it's still a separated mess. Give it to me straight - is this batch doomed? :oops:
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    pools of oil in cp soap

    I have made a few batches of honey oat milk soap for the past year. My recipe would use at least 10% frozen milk of the total required liquid plus honey diluted in water. Diluted honey is always chilled before pouring it into my soap batter. And by the way, my total liquid is 33% of oils...