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Feb 15, 2013
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So, I'm making some hp honey oatmeal soap, and I decided to add my honey at the beginning of my cook instead of at the end as I usually do. It's been in there about 30 mins and it's still a separated mess. Give it to me straight - is this batch doomed? :oops:
This happened to me with my first HP honey soap almost 1 year ago! :)

It will take time but just keep SB'ing it into submission. Eventually it will come together. It might feel like forever though. You will probably get a really nice caramelized scent to it like I did on that batch. It was somewhat sticky until it was fully cured. Then it was simply fantastic!
Update: when I checked on it to stir it, it looks like the soap is going through its usual stages in the middle, surrounded by a pool of oil on all sides. When I attempt to mix it in, the soap in the middle separates out into the oil again.
You can always hp cook it and stir it to save it, if all else fails. But see if it can be blended back together first.

Edit. Now I actually read your post and you are hping it. Just keep at it. As Churchill once said "if you're going through hell, keep going!"

This quote is my life's motto! :)
It will probably keep separating. OH NOW I REMEMBER, I had to dig out my hand mixer! Like an egg beater thing? Do you have one of those? That was the only thing that worked but man that soap was great in the end.

like this:

What probably happened is that you put too much honey in and its causing separation. That separation is going to get more pronounced as you stir it but eventually it will plateau. You should try the hand mixer if all else fails.
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Update #2

Went back in with the stick blender as suggested and it *finally* came together! Right after coming together however it started growing over the sides of the slow cooker like a terrible growing blob. Over the side of the thing and everything. Took it out off the heat and mixed it by hand while quietly swearing at myself for experimenting. It is now resting and looks like it is happily gelled and done...

Thanks so much for the advice, all! Will update if this thing starts to crawl out again and walk around demanding lunch.
Interesting my hp honey soap does not separate like that even when adding in propolis, beeswax, honey, and gm before cooking. Now that is a recipe for disaste.r :lol::lol: Your volcano most likely happened because it became to hot. I hp on low and keep a good eye on temps especially with honey soap, it can happen when temp hits around 160°-170° F.
Mine was on high when it happened 1 year ago. And I know that slow cooker is old, has uneven heating and gets up to and around 225 F. I don't use it much for that reason any more (I have 2 others). I find I don't like to HP on low...
Aargh, the word "blunder" has been ruined for me forever due to a friend of mine. I am Indian - although I sound like I come from the mid-West, like a girl Tom Brokaw or something - and he always makes fun of Indian accents using that word (imagine the sentence "I have committed blunder") with a thick Indian accent.

Unfortunately he is a language savant - he speaks about 10 of them - and his Indian accent is really good! Also his folks are from mainland China, so it is pretty much a bunch of Asians making fun of each other, except for the fact that I can't do a good Mandarin accented English, **** it. I an going to get him one of these days, though.

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Just remember when you heat honey, you kill ALL the "good stuff" that's in raw honey. You still get taste and sweet, but that's it. Best of luck to you.
Most of us here feel that most of the 'good stuff' for any additives rarely survives exposure to lye.

Agreed. I think what hozhed meant was adding honey after the hp was done cooking perhaps? Although it would still have to be quite hot to be able to fully mix it all in. Not sure if there is a magic temp?
My rule of thumb is to never heat honey above the temperature it would see in the beehive if I want to preserve the "goodness" and delicate, complex flavor of the honey. At best, that's no more than 105 deg F or so. Even if you mixed honey into HP soap at that temp, I question whether the alkaline pH of soap is good for honey. Honey is naturally acidic.

IMO, use honey in soap if you like, but don't inhale the foo-foo dust that honey is supposed to give soap some "skin nourishing" properties. The only time I'd say honey is measurably good for use on the skin is for wound healing and that's when honey is used directly in the wound, not added to soap.
Exactly Dee. If you want the 'good stuff' from honey, slather it on a piece of warm bread and chow down...

Honey in soap is all about label appeal.