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    Antibacterial Soap

    Good morning, everyone, I have a challenge. We are a small charity improving water quality in small remote villages in Uganda. We would like to introduce hand-washing into the schools that we work with. Since the water supply typically contains bacteria, we'd like to teach the villages to...
  2. J

    Hand made soap tools?

    Hi guys! I am new to soap making, even though I placed a huge order (to me) there was no way I could afford all of the recommend/wanted tools all at once. I mainly ordered the actual soap making supplies and just the 10" mold. Is there any that I could make and/or use things around the house in...
  3. D

    So many things wrong...

    Okay. This was my first time making body wash because I wanted to wash some cash. Below is the recipe I used: 1 bar 'Signature for Men Irish Spring' 8 cups filtered water 1/2 table spoon vitamin E oil 1 table spoon glycerin The process: Brought water to a rolling boil, put the soap shavings...