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  1. Samuel Ciganik

    Dried fruit

    Hi. I am wondering if I can dry/dehydrate fruit (like on photo) than ground it to powder and than us it for soap recipe. It is okay or it is not good idea. Thank you very much. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0405/5446/3391/files/Dehydrated-Fruit.jpg?v=1607387478
  2. xoticsoaps

    I want to make my own launrdy detergent

    I've tried making my own powder laundry detergent before with a homemade recipe that said I needed to grate 1 -2 bars of soap (any kind) and mix it with baking soda. Then use the mixture in my next load. So, in my head I'm thinking in a Patrick Star voice, "Wow, is that all I have to do?! Oh boy...