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  1. I

    1st Batch, 100% Almond Oil…

    I know, too high oleic, slimy, needs long cure, susceptible to DOS. All true, I think. But I just got tired of reading and pondering and just made something. Here’s the details and some photos: Almond Oil: 300g 90/10 NaOH/KOH dual lye ratio 4:1 lye concentration 6 bar cavity mold (didn’t even...
  2. Cin

    Is my sunflower oil high oleic or not?

    I bought my usual 'high oleic' sunflower oil along with a bigger jug of sunflower 'frying' oil that had an even higher amount of monounsaturated fat listed in the nutrition info. I thought i'd check it, remembering this post: If i'm calculating correctly, the sunflower oil labelled 'high...
  3. Iluminameluna

    Still working on recipes

    I wanted to share the last 5 batches of soap I've made. I'm still trying to figure out how to create colors without micas or oxides because I can't get them. So far they all seem to work out, except for one batch that seems to be drying, even though it has little CO. A possible error in choosing...