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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Can rebatching firm / harden soap?

    Can rebatching with the following ingredients (alone or in combination) harden soft soap, with little or no additional liquid or oil? Although already 1 year old, some of my old soap is still soft to the extent that a little force can be used to eventually mash it up at room temperature with a...
  2. Madelyn Cole

    How hard is hard?

    Hello! Most store bought bar soaps are hard to the touch, meaning there is no give. I personally like this quality, but I'm unsure how to achieve this in CP soap. I've read a lot about the various soap properties - hardness, cleansing, bubbly etc. and have learned that solid oils greatly...
  3. KimT2au

    Soap had hard centre

    Hi all A couple of years ago my family and I went on an big overseas holiday and took 3 cruises (yes, I guess that is greedy but it was our first holiday in about 14 ears and we had saved like demons to be able to afford it.). We noticed that on all the boats all of the soaps were gorgeous to...