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  1. J

    Citric Acid and Hard Water

    Can you improved the performance of soap in hard water by adding citric acid to the soap. Would it make any difference while you using the soap with hard water. Just to be perfectly clear. I'm NOT talking about using hard water to MAKE the soap -- I ALWAYS use distilled water for making soap.
  2. J

    Hard water and dry skin; recipe trouble shooting

    We live in a high altitude, very dry & extreme dessert climate. It’s dry and hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. (Sub zero and lots of snow). Our water here is also VERY hard and full of iron and calcium. It’s a harsh environment and most people have dry skin. I’ve been really playing...
  3. cmzaha

    Sodium Gluconate

    Has anyone soaped with Sodium Gluconate? I usually use Tetrasodium EDTA but decided to add in some SG in soap for my daughter. She nows lives in an area with extremely hard well water. She tells me her hair is a mess and so is her skin. I actually used it in 3 batches and all accelerated, forth...
  4. Sacto

    Preferred Chelating Agents

    When it comes to using chelating agents, what are your preferences? I know some use EDTA others Sodium Citrate. Are there others you prefer to use? Also, why do you prefer one over the other? I have been using Citric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide to make my own Sodium Citrate.
  5. E

    Basic Chemical Additives

    Hi everyone! I've been making soap for a couple of years and currently live in North Texas. We have crazy hard water. There is a chemical which is added to soap that reduces the film left on your skin after using soap in the shower. Does anyone know what it is? I haven't decided if I'm going to...