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  1. J

    Does EDTA make a soap feel less harsh?

    I have made soap with a hardness level of 60, cleansing #27, conditioning only 35, bubbly 32, creamy 38, INS 179. I added EDTA for the first time ever, and although I only made it a few days ago, it does not feel very harsh to me. (I usually feel the need to use hand cream shortly after washing...
  2. Vaibhav Jain

    Real life experience v/s. Theories - Salt (Sea,Himalayan,Table etc.) in CP soaps

    Hello guys, myself Vaibhav (a 3 years old soap maker ;)) and i'm from India, "Namaste" Guys here at "SMF" some of us (members) are beginners, some are at intermediate level (like me) and some are at Pro level but one thing which I feel is common among us is hunger for knowledge. Therefore...
  3. M

    New Recipe Too Brittle

    Hi all This is my first post to the forum. I've been making soap for a wee while now, about 30 batches, and mostly with success. I have run into this problem with my last batch though, and it was to my own recipe so I'm not sure whether the problem is in the process or the recipe. Maybe...
  4. F

    Stearic Acid vs. Sodium Lactate

    Looking at ordering one or the other - do you have a preference? What is the main difference between the two in terms of hardness, pros & cons? I have never used anything for a harder bar so would love a bit of insight between the two! Thanks guys!