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  1. BrownRoseEssentials

    Reformulating MP recipe to CP recipe-Beginner Soaper!!

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on any type of soap thread, so I just want to say I am happy to have found a community to reach out to for help! I am open to all suggestions, thanks in advance! So, I am reformulating a best selling Turmeric & Vitamin C Beauty Bar (previously a...
  2. H

    UK MSDS question

    Hello, I have a question about tracking down the MSDS/SDS for goats milk. I am using the Co-op’s fresh goats milk and plan to start submitting my cspr’s shortly but can‘t find the relevant MSDS. I have contacted the maker (Delamere Diary) but no luck with any response so far. I also tried the...
  3. S

    Liquid Goats Milk Soap - Help

    Hello I am new to this forum so it is taking me some time to figure out how it works. I am having a little trouble with my Liquid soap making. So my recipe is 20% Coconut oil(100g), 10% Castor oil (50g) 70% Olive oil (350g). These are then melted slowly. While they are melting I am...
  4. L

    Experimenting with goats milk recipes

    Hi thanks to the advice from the people on this forum I now have a much clearer view on how to achieve a harder bar of goats milk soap. I have been experimenting a lot in the last couple of weeks. Until now I was too hesitant to put in 28% in the lye concentration box on soapcalc however...
  5. S

    Can anyone troubleshoot the dots and streaks??

    I have sucessfully made thirty or so batches of goats milk soap, but my last few are coming out with semi transparent streaks and dots. They appear more often in bars cut from the middle of the mold. There is no change in the appearance of the top surface. The soap's pH values are perfectly...
  6. F

    How do I add glycerin or goats milk to CP?

    Hi there. I've searched for a few threads on this subject but could not find a specific answer. My friend and I are going to make our first batch of soap soon. The only reason I'm helping is because I dont feel comfortable with her handling sodium hydroxide. From what I understand that crap...
  7. C

    Question re Salt in Soaps

    I'm fairly new to soapmaking-- and I've so appreciated the help I've found here when I've posted! And it already looks like I may have found a good customer base already for the soaps I'm having so much fun making using milk from our wonderful goats! :-) I also only have been doing mine CP. I...
  8. H

    My 1st MP, Celtic Mold/Oatmeal, Honey Almond scented soap

    I finally got to do my first Melt and Pour project. I used ground up oatmeal along with Honey Almond fragrance oil and a goats milk base. The Honey Almond scent is from Hobby Lobby as well. It smells SO good! The celtic mold is from a kit I got for Christmas. Exfoliating soap kit at Hobby Lobby...