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  1. M

    Split method and soda ash

    Hi all! For those that use the split method for milk soaps, is there a way to prevent soda ash? I had very little when i froze the milk and added lye to it. Split method produced the ashiest soap I’ve ever made. Thank you for your wisdom!
  2. goat soap rulz!

    Hello fellow soap makers!!

    Howdy y’all! I have been making goats milk soap for about 2-3 years now! I would say I am on the beginner's side of intermediate lol! The reason I say that is because I just started using micas and other colorants in my soaps! I ordered the royal upgrade from mad Micas and am waiting for it to...
  3. L

    How to naturally colour goats milk soap purple

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to get a nice light shade of purple for the top layer of my lavender goats milk soap but its coming out brown. I add the alkanet root powder 4.5g (not infused) at trace to a 1/3 of the mixture (total fats and oils 1300g in whole batch) also I am using frozen raw goats...
  4. J

    Goats milk soap made my skin dry

    I am a new soapmaker, only a few months and i am making goats milk soap. My first batch dine two months ago were made with pure, fresh and raw milk using 100% coconut oil in 20% superfat. My water(milk)-lye ratio is 2:1. I add sodium lactate, only 1 tsp per 1kg oils. This batch of sosp is...
  5. L

    Doubling the Recipe

    I have made a few batches of goats milk soap and would now like to double the recipe. Is it OK to do that with soap recipes? I'm not confident enough to use a soap calculator as yet to check. My recipe has 500g SOLIDIFIED vegetable oil, 250g copha, 750g rice brain oil; 400g frozen goats milk...
  6. L

    Goats milk soap

    Hi there. I need some professional opinions about my goats milk soap recipe. I have goats milk soap in excess so I have been making soap for some time. I have recently had a lot of my friends that own businesses suggest I sell and make a little display in their shop. How scary ! Everyone...
  7. C

    Ascorbic Acid (vitamin c)

    I recently purchase luxurious goat milk soap from a farmers market and listed as an ingredient is ascorbic acid. I have never heard of vitamin c being used in cp and was wondering what value it has being added. Thank you.
  8. hana212

    New Soap Maker Needs Help!

    Hello all! I am super sorry if this question has been asked before but here it is. I am very new to soap making and I LOVE my recipe for Cold Process Goats Milk Soap. Now that I am attempting to sell it though, I have had the feedback that it does not lather enough. Now I personally am fine...
  9. L

    Using PVC to mold goat milk soap

    I am a newbie! I want to make a facial bar of goat milk soap in PVC pipe. What is your experience with milk soap in PVC? Do you put it in the freezer? etc???
  10. B

    goats milk soap changing color

    Hi, I have been making goats milk soap and every time it looks beautiful after it is made and when I go down stairs in the morning it has changed color drastically. I add the lye to the milk by the tablespoons and do not let the milk get over 70 degrees. Last batch I used green french clay...