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    On the Chemistry of Liquid Soap Making Processes...

    Hello Soap Making Forum! This is my first post on the site (although I have been lurking in the shadows for some time now lol). I should start by saying what an excellent resource this site is for soap makers, with such detailed content and expert opinions. Great work everyone! :) I am a bit...
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    Glycerine based extracts

    Hi all, I'm in the midst of trying to formulate a HP bar soap or three that will encorporate some plant extracts. The problem is that the extracts are only available as glycetracts/glycerin based ones. I'm thinking of using them at around 1% of the soap weight but I'm not sure on what effect...
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    A Newbie's LS Gylcerine Experience

    First of all let me just say when i say newbie i really mean im a newbie to soaping in general and this is my first experience in dealing with soap of any kind. so yesterday i tried to make my first LS using the glycerine method The Oils i used was 5% castor oil 30% Coconut Oil 65% Olive Oil...