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    Help! Ginger too strong

    I made a fun Ginger, Carrot and Turmeric Soap for your face. I used homemade ginger tea as part of my lye water solution. I did a lather test and the antiseptic properties of Ginger is very strong right now on my skin. Should I expect it to become more gentle with curing since the water will...
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    CP New Recipe - Am I missing anything?

    Hi Folks, still new to soaping, but put something together on Bramblberry calculator I think I would like and wanted to run it by all you fine experts to get your input, make sure I'm not missing anything, and ensure this will end up how I want it to. I will be doing cold process soap bar, 5%...
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    Cleansing values for facial soap

    I am trying to make a gentle facial soap. What would be the cleansing value to aim for? Some say 0. Is this true? Does this mean to skip things such as coconut oil in soap and just aim for a conditioning value of 50ish? Any thoughts? PS. I would like to stay away from castile/bastille soaps...