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  1. L

    Hi from Chicago IL !

    :-P hello my name is Lauren, Im from Chicago IL i literally started making soap yesterday. Im slightly scared, highly curious, and super excited. I have been interested in soap making for quite some time. I used to buy a lavender handmade soap from a shop near my, the woman who made it told me...
  2. eucalypta

    What soapers do besides soaping

    When it's noisy in or around the house, I sometimes choose to view the subtitles on YouTube. So that's what I did when watching a video on an alternative method of making MP from scratch. Sometimes it is hilarious how the spoken word is translated into text. My advise would be: not suitable...
  3. ZandarKoad

    Three Soaps on Display

    They are still curing, but my boys decided they would show off the three types we made so far. The yellow one is plain jane, all natural - no smells, no spells (colors). The green has some oxides and eucalyptus. The black is the charcoal, no smells. I like the last one. It...