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  1. BrownRoseEssentials

    Reformulating MP recipe to CP recipe-Beginner Soaper!!

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on any type of soap thread, so I just want to say I am happy to have found a community to reach out to for help! I am open to all suggestions, thanks in advance! So, I am reformulating a best selling Turmeric & Vitamin C Beauty Bar (previously a...
  2. Quanta

    My spreadsheets for formulating/cost/testing

    I made some spreadsheets for formulating products such as lotions, shampoo, conditioner, sugar scrubs, basically anything but soap. This is not a lye calculator and there are other spreadsheets out there to calculate the cost of soap. This spreadsheet allows you to tweak the percentages of a...
  3. DessertGuru

    Formula Help Request

    Hi... Total newbie here and need some direction on making bar soap formula using the following ingredients. We're currently making a lip balm using these ingredients and I would like help to translate them into a workable formula to make a bar soap. Can someone offer any suggestions on a...
  4. GVKW

    Soleseife soap using soft oils... is it possible?

    Hi all! Trying to formulate a recipe for a client's special request custom batch - he wants a soap that looks like sushi rolls, with as-authentic-as-possible ingredients. I've always got avocado and rice bran oils and I've already sourced salmon oil, but I still need hard oils, even though...
  5. S

    I'm making a soy milk soap but..

    I am a pharmacy college student and my final project is to make a formulation of soy milk soap. I'm about to add excipients such as: 1. Soymilk, as the main ingredient. 2. Coconut oil and olive oil as the combination of oil bases, 3. NLS as surfactant (to add more foam - I don't know what to...
  6. N

    Lotion Bar with Kokum Butter?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to make a lotion/massage bar with kokum butter as the main ingredient. I'm hoping to avoid cocoa butter as it is comedogenic. I also do not want to use beeswax, as I'm trying to get as make it as similar to the Organic Therapy Bar by LUSH as possible! Would a ratio of...
  7. M

    How do you account for Avocado Puree in CP Soap?

    I'm looking at doing an Avocado Soap using Puree. What I'm not sure about is the way we account for the avocado. Do we net out some of it's natural oil and water properties against the recipe oil and water amounts? I'm thinking about using it as an additive and netting out some of the water...
  8. thinkativeone

    100% Coconut Oil Cleaning Soap

    I know I haven't posted in ages, sorry, guys. Won't go into it deeply but it's a good thing I've stayed away from making soap for awhile, an illness and loss in our family and a ridiculous amount of work done on our only vehicle in just over 1 month... But fall is here! And that means the...