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  1. U

    Are the ingredients still good to use?

    Hello! This is my first post on this forum. I had gotten into soap making a while ago but then I had to stop because of the time constraint and limited space. I kept all the butters/oils and the lye. I know it’s been at least a year since I ordered all the ingredients that I kept. Are the...
  2. A

    Used cooking oil with "Expired" Breast Milk?

    Greetings! (I'm not very good at English grammar, so do forgive some silly mistakes made in my description, trying my best to have my English improve here :-) ) It's a long story here, besides asking question above, I would like to share the story that brings me to this situation. So it...
  3. T

    Expired ingredients

    Hi! Newbie. About a month in, here. Last weekend we made a 6 hour round trip to purchase a soapers supplies...it was a soapers heaven! Molds, butters, oils, natural colorant, pounds of lye, essential oils,FOs, micas! I mean stuff is in bulk!!! oh so many goodies that I had only dreamed of...
  4. J

    Expired Olive Pomace Oil

    Hi everyone So my olive pomace oil wil expire on march, and due to some reasons, I will only probably be able to soap at the end of march or early april. Do you guys think I can still use it or it will have effects already? I cant say if the smell will be rancid already since basically its not...
  5. KimT2au

    Can glycerin be used after it's use by date?

    I found a bottle of glycerin at the back of the cupboard today and it has gone past it's expiry date. It is in an amber bottle so I can't see what the contents look like. Is it possible to still use this for making soap? Kim