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  1. L

    Questions about dilution

    Hi there! Hope all of you are having a great time! :) I'm ready to try my 3rd try for liquid soap (90% OO - 10% CO, 25% lye, 1% superfat). My first attempt was the cooking method, diluted a bit at a time until i ended up with a great clear and honey thick consistency LS. I was thrilled for the...
  2. T

    How to dilute LS similar to Dr. BRonners

    I've made Olive oil LS and also Coconut oil LS. Diluting the paste is driving me nuts. I'm assuming diluting 1:1 will bring MY LS to base line that is roughly the starting point of Dr Bronners Castile soaps. I would like to try some recipes that calls for his LS but use mine instead. Any...
  3. Sarah82

    Help! My CP liquid soap is not diluting

    Hello Everyone, I made my second batch of cp liquid soap with 60% olive oil and 40% coconut oil. The oils were 1 kg in weight. When my soap paste was ready I added 2 liters of water for dilution it's been diluting since two weeks but still has blobs of soap paste. What is happening? Do I need...
  4. KimT2au

    Do I need to dilute essential oils when I add them in cold process soap.

    Hi all I was following a recipe today that called for 14 g of lavender essential oil for 1,300 gm oil. When I ran the recipe through soapcalc to check the figures I had been given their recommendation was the same. When I came to add the oil I only had about 5 g so I used it all. I only made...
  5. L

    Questions before 1st liquid castille attempt

    Hi to everyone, After many hours of reading the liquid soap forum i think i'm ready to give it a try for my first liquid soap. I have many experience in cp soap bars, but this seems like a new world to me and i feel as anxious as my first cp attempt! :) I've read so many information, that i...
  6. K

    Diluting Liquid Soap

    I'm a bit confused as to how to know when liquid soap is diluted. I just made a recipe from Making Natural Liquid Soaps and used: 18.5 oz coconut 4.5 oz. castor oil 2 oz. jojoba oil 6.5 oz. potassium hydroxide 19.5 oz. glycerin I weighed out the soap paste and added an equal amount of...
  7. P

    Newbie LS ?

    Just started my foray into liquid soap this weekend. I am using Irish Lass' (I believe it's hers, please excuse me if I'm wrong) directions for the glycerin method - the one where you mix up the paste and let it sit overnight. I got that part. All is going great there. Second try at the paste...