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  1. PJ Oleham

    My soap bars are pitted.

    I got a soap cutter! Yay! Except, I am wondering if I am unmolding and cutting my soap too soon is why I am getting little pits in the soap as I cut it. I am unmolding and cutting at about 24-30 hours. Is this too soon? My first couple of batches I cut at 3 days, those had no pits, then read...
  2. HobbitonHarpy

    Is m&p harder to cut than cp or hp?

    I bought a soap cutting box and altered it to make it also a log splitter to trim the uneven tops of my m&p bars. I used the recommended 16 (gauge?) guitar string and everything, but it won't hardly cut. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Zelda Rose

    Every soap weighs the same? How??

    I was asked for a batch of soaps that all weigh 140 grams. I see where packaged soaps will all have the same weight printed on the label. I use the Bud cutter and all are cut well but is this possible? How do you do it??
  4. C

    Selling soap by weight

    I started soaping about a year ago, and this is my first post to SMF. I have sold my soap at craft fairs and at local retail stores by the bar. I recently read that some people sell their soap by cutting the bars "on the spot" and selling it by weight. This sounds like a visually appealing...