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  1. B

    2 year old soap, its gradual water loss during cure & beyond

    I originally replied in this thread here, because someone asked about curing soaps/waterloss. Since I already have a bar of soap I have kept track of over the last 2 years and 4 months I thought it could be nice to make a separate thread. This is just for a bit of fun. I am not a scientist nor...
  2. Mestiza Girl

    Soap Or Vaseline ?!

    This might sound extremely silly but it's always good to ask, right...? I decided to test out one of my bars from a batch that has only been curing about a week. I washed my hands and it seems a tad oily but the soap is still soft. I can easily carve into it with my nail and it'll leave what...
  3. Mestiza Girl

    Crack In My Bars!

    My first batch had a successful gel phase which I was so stoked about. :) Unfortunately, when cutting the bars, I noticed a few flaws- 1. A few bars had shallow cracks on the tops...Pictures below 2. Alot of the dried rose petals were falling off the bars 3. The sides of the bars had an uneven...
  4. IngridK

    So, so, very happy

    I have tried a few batches of solid soap and I was either soaping too hot (getting a total gel) tracing too long (getting a thick, thick batter) ans a partial gel. Always getting good soap but always something that left me scratching my head. I do not like the yellow my soap turns when it...
  5. JuneP

    Curing times

    My first CP soap, guest size ovals, have been curing for a month now, but I don't know if I should cure them longer or are they ready? The CP soaps I'm making have the default 38% water, and I'm doing 7 to 8% Super fatting, using only 45 to 48% hard oils.
  6. MatthewDM

    Speeding up curing

    I place my soap in a freezer over night right after pouring it into the mold then put it in the fridge for 48 hours. I like how my soap turns out but it takes forever to cure once it is taken out of the fridge. Would having a fan constantly blow on it speed up the curing process? Do you guys...
  7. S

    oven finishing with cold process

    So, I got these plastic loaf molds off of someone on eBay. He told me they could be used for oven finishing cold process soaps. The problem is, I don't really know what all that entails or if it makes any difference in the final soap. Does anyone do this? I'm guessing you do a cold process as...