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  1. G

    liquid soap with palm olein turns thick creamy white

    Hello everyone I've run out of castor oil so I made new recipe with olive oil 30% ,palm olein 40%,coconut oil 30% ,after diluting, the soap was semi clear ,after about a week or so the soap turned white creamy and thick. I love it ,the soap is fantastic but I need to know what happened to it...
  2. shermluge

    Vanilla Coffee and Cream to go with the Bacon and Oatmeal

    I could not resist.. Guess I was craving breakfast. Here is some French Vanilla Coffee and Cream to go with the Bacon and Oatmeal ( Couldn't resist the try, Bacon and Oatmeal ). I used a very dark and rich roast ground very fine then made into a very dark coffee with distilled water. Used the...
  3. shermluge

    Couldn't resist the try, Bacon and Oatmeal

    My wife had left over bacon grease that I had to see if I could make into a smooth bar of soap. There was enough to make a small batch with 27% Bacon Grease and four other oils.. I worked the formula for a couple of days till I felt is was good for an attempt.. Wow its smooth and turned out...
  4. A

    Recipe Adjustments and Preventing Gel

    I prefer to prevent gel in my soap. I haven't managed to do it successfully (yet), but I'm still striving for that non-gelled look. I don't care for the translucent look of gelled soap - I really want my soap to look creamy. I have read and watched professional Soapers who say if you prevent...
  5. S

    Moisturising Organic Recipe

    Hi all, I am new to making CP soap (only 4 batches so far!) but I've been doing a lot of research and would like to use the following oils to develop a bar that is organic, moisturising, creamy (but still pretty cleansing, If that's possible). I've been playing around with SoapCalc and have...
  6. H

    Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles !

    How to increase bubbles in soap and what is the bubbly/creamy soap calc number ratio to aim for? My recipe contains 5% castor, 10% coconut (I don't like a bar that is too cleansing so my cleansing no is about 10, conditioning about 50), bubbly/creamy numbers are 12/40, I have also added sugar...
  7. S

    Good Shaving Soap Recipe?

    Hi all, I hope this is the right place to post this query. I am new to the forum and this is my first go at formuating my own recipe. I've done a good bit of research on shaving soaps and this is what I have come up with: OO 14oz CO 10oz Castor Oil 8oz Cocoa Butter 6oz Aloe Vera liquid...