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  1. Talha IFTIKHAR

    Soap Cracking

    I am facing the issue of Cracking in soap bar. My recipe is, soap noodles 250kg Talcum powder 25kg silicate 5kg Glycerin 3kg Titanium 250 g water 10-15 kg
  2. Tuftyloves

    Cracking recipe every time!

    55% Olive 25% coconut 10% castor 5% cocoa butter 5% Shea butter Lye concentration 38% (I can’t go any lower or I get insane soda ash) A tsp of kaolin clay per lb of soap added to oils A tbsp of cocoa powder added to oils Cannabis & cocoa FO This has happened to me multiple times. The...
  3. Mestiza Girl

    Crack In My Bars!

    My first batch had a successful gel phase which I was so stoked about. :) Unfortunately, when cutting the bars, I noticed a few flaws- 1. A few bars had shallow cracks on the tops...Pictures below 2. Alot of the dried rose petals were falling off the bars 3. The sides of the bars had an uneven...
  4. J

    My soy candles have holes/rough surface at the side! Help!

    Hi guys! I'm pretty new to candle making and have been using the GW464 wax to make my candles. As you can see in the photo, there are holes/cracks(?) that are quite visible at the sides of my glass candles. I heat my jars till it's warm to the touch before pouring. I add my fragrance in at 7%...
  5. L

    First ever CP batch - is it ok?

    Hi all, I had a great idea to make soap for my Christmas presents and over the weekend I made my first ever CP soap batch and in hindsight, I realise I should have used a much simpler recipe but I made a honey soap from this page I was...
  6. Deborah Long

    Gel Phase?

    Hi, new to the forum and rather new to soap making and brand spanking new at making CP soap. I've been making M&P for about 1 1/2 years now and decided it was time to make the leap into CP. I've found that the new SLS free formulations of m&p soap just don't lather well (so my hubby says)...
  7. C

    Hairline cracking issue in curing soaps

    Hi everyone! :wave: I am new here and hoping one of you brilliant soapmakers could lend your insights into a hairline cracking problem I am experiencing with my soaps. I have a recipe that is similar to the 'Breaking the Rules'/75% CO, 25% CB-SB soap, superfatted at 15% and using coconut milk...