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  1. Talha IFTIKHAR

    Soap Cracking

    I am facing the issue of Cracking in soap bar. My recipe is, soap noodles 250kg Talcum powder 25kg silicate 5kg Glycerin 3kg Titanium 250 g water 10-15 kg
  2. Tuftyloves

    Cracking recipe every time!

    55% Olive 25% coconut 10% castor 5% cocoa butter 5% Shea butter Lye concentration 38% (I can’t go any lower or I get insane soda ash) A tsp of kaolin clay per lb of soap added to oils A tbsp of cocoa powder added to oils Cannabis & cocoa FO This has happened to me multiple times. The...
  3. A

    First batch of soap gone wrong

    Hi, Does anyone know why when stick blending, half my batter was so thick whilst the other half was still liquid? As such, I had to stick blend further, however it became too thick for pouring in the mold. My soap also started to crack. Can anyone tell me what went wrong? Thanks.
  4. AliciaE

    Thin crack on top of loaf

    Hey Ya'll, I have heard of large cracks in a loaf from soap getting to hot but I wasn't sure if that was the case with mine or not. I let all my soap sit in the same area and this is the first time I have gotten these thin cracks. They are just on the top of my loaf where I built up a little...
  5. Mestiza Girl

    Crack In My Bars!

    My first batch had a successful gel phase which I was so stoked about. :) Unfortunately, when cutting the bars, I noticed a few flaws- 1. A few bars had shallow cracks on the tops...Pictures below 2. Alot of the dried rose petals were falling off the bars 3. The sides of the bars had an uneven...
  6. HLN80

    Only 2 batches under my belt, both cracked. CP Goats Milk

    The cracks are not that bad really, but what is happening? Can someone explain gelling, getting too hot and so on, I do not understand this part, thank you