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  1. M

    Keep Getting Stearic Spots! Help!

    So I’ve read all the threads/posts and seem to be doing everything I know to prevent stearic acids spots, but keep getting them. Picture attached. I melt my hard oils (coconut & shea butter) well above 185degrees for several minutes before adding the rest of my oils (olive oil, soybean, rice...
  2. StacyeCrowns

    Breakfast Soap gone funky

    I made an ambitious new batch of cp. I was using up all of my stored bacon drippings to make a lard and coconut oil "breakfast soap" and I added coffee, coffee grounds, heavy cream, maple syrup, egg yolk. It has swirls with td, cocoa, and brown oxide and was scented with coffee house fo from...
  3. goji_fries

    Swirls didn't work?

    :oops::oops::oops::oops: I tried the coat hanger method on this charcoal clay batch. The coat hanger was the length of the laof and when through it about 10 times. It seems to have not...