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  1. Jerseycity MG

    Tan streaks?

    I am newish to soap making. I made a perfect batch of this before and this mornings batch had these strange tan/grey streaks in the soap when I cut it. The bars from a mold (same batter) did not have this. I used the usual olive oil, Shea butter, coco butter, castor oil coconut oil combo but...
  2. Savage Daughter

    Make your own 'colloidal oatmeal' for a fraction of the cost

    I'm quite surprised to hear of people buying expensive colloidal oatmeal for use in their soaps. There is a better, much cheaper way, which I wished to share. Hopefully it'll save somebody some money. 1) Throw some whole oats - not instant oatmeal or anything like that - into a coffee grinder...