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  1. A

    The PH in my soap is around 10 help

    Hi there. I started making soap for myself a couple of months ago. Today I have checked the PH on my last (the only usable soap). I made it on the 14th October, and the PH is around 10. How could I prevent the PH from being so high? I would like it to be more around an 8 if possible. Thank you...
  2. D

    Seamoss: Will it survive?

    I am preparing to make a seamoss soap for the first time. I've prepared a seamoss gel to incorporate into the soap as part of my water weight. I am aware that many people have successfully made seamoss soap but I'm wondering if it's a good use of expensive seamoss. My concern is that the sodium...
  3. K

    Is it possible to make a natural cherry scented CP soap

    Im trying to make a cherry scented soap naturally but cherry essential oil is so expensive
  4. R

    Help! White streaks/spots in soap

    Hello everyone! I’ve been making soap for a few months now, and I keep getting batches with white spots on them. I think it’s either titanium dioxide or kaolin clay. Any ideas? How can I prevent it in the future? Thanks In advance!
  5. Niecee

    Forgot a butter in my CP soap should I rebatch?

    I was attempting my first swirl recipe , and the next day I realized I forgot to add my mango butter. Do I hot process to save it, or is my soap ruined? 12oz olive oil 10oz coconut oil 10oz palm oil 4oz grapeseed oil 4oz mango butter 12.24oz water (10% discount) 5.64oz lye (5% sf)
  6. Emma Cook

    Buttered Popcorn soaps!

    I just cut these cute little babies! :) Buttered popcorn fragrance oil and designed to resemble bags of popcorn! I used a multipour tool for the stripes and I did a yellow and white ITP swirl for the buttery popcorn. The fragrance oil smells like kettle corn!! :p I’ll have to do some cleaning...
  7. M

    Help Please, Rebatch is still playdoughy

    Hello! I am very new to soap making. Yesterday I rebatched my soap because it was very soft. It has been 24hrs and the soap it still a playdough texture. What can i do?? Will it harden? Also for the future reference how hard should a soap be after sitting in the mold after 24hrs? I really...
  8. Hunnybees

    Oil for CP

    so yesterday i was buying my oils and i realized when i came home that instead of Olive oil I bought a mix of Olive and Sunflower!!! Could I still use that??
  9. Kila

    What unit of weight* do you work with?

    This might be a really dumb question sorry in advance... 1. Do you use fluid ounces (versus regular ounces) when making soap? 2. Do you work with ounces or grams? I would like to work in grams but my scale doesnt show the decimal points (ie. 120.2 g) instead it would just show 120 grams. Would...
  10. D

    Soap Artist Needed - Las Vegas Factory

    Ournese Soap Factory Is Hiring! Now hiring talented soap artists for our growing company. If you have that passion for soap art and you are looking for a place that you can express your skills and talent, send us a copy of your resume and a brief message of your experience and we will contact...
  11. kelly2019

    Beer and wine soap

    Hello everyone! I've made a few batches of HP beer soap, which I have included 5% castor oil in. I saw somewhere that a soapmaker left off the castor oil when using beer, because it makes great lather on its own. I'm getting ready to make more beer soap...and also wine soap, which I assume would...
  12. P

    How to fix a smelly cold soap batch

    Hey all, We make cold process soap here and just some background info we also make and harvest our own coconut oil (both cold pressed virgin coconut oil (VCO) and normal heat processed coconut oil) as we live in the tropics. However over christmas someone left the virgin coconut oil in with...
  13. K

    Life span of silicone gang molds or is it possible to hand shape cp?

    Hi everyone...I'm still here and learning and my next adventure is figuring out if I want to make my own silicone gang mold. Possiblity #1 is making my own silicone gang mold to have a multiple of the shape I want to make. I could do it, but I can't seem to find an answer to how long the mold's...
  14. Sar

    CP soap scraps into liquid soap without heating

    Hello, everyone! I supply wholesale CP soaps and have a lot of scraps and rejected bars which we recycle by grating/ cutting and then letting it sit in a bit of water for 48 hours, occasionally stirring. We usually eyeball the soap to water ratio - the water just about covers the soap bits...
  15. E

    Soap Turned to pink!

    Hi there, I had a problem when I unmolded the soap the other day. Only outside of the whole batch turned to unwanted pink!:cry: It's beautiful, but that color doesn't make sense since the name of the soap is "Shea Butter Charcoal Soap". I have never had this problem before. I didn't use...
  16. B

    My first cp soap

    Okay, so I had my first experience making cold processed soap yesterday and I have a problem, my recipe was : 10 oz canola 10 oz olive oil 10 oz lard 5 oz coconut oil(76) And I superfatted with 2oz of sesame seed oil. So my problem is that I completely forgot the canola oil. I realized...
  17. H

    Switch from MP to CP

    Hello everyone! I am thinking of switching from MP soap to CP soap. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I have already spent so much money on MP soap supplies. In fact I still have about 35 lbs of MP soap ready to craft. I believe that the scents, oxides, and utensils can still be...