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  1. H

    Essential Oils Sweating..?

    Hi All, Has anyone come across this before, it appears as if essential oils, or vit E, from a CP soap are sweating. The image below is taken after 24hrs from pour. Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback, i'd really love to get to the bottom of this one! Bests, H
  2. Wynona Genesis

    Partial Gel Spots

    I just made this soap last night. I've read somewhere that if you place kaolin clay on your fragrance oils they will last longer in your soap so I did it. On the green layer, I used Eucalyptus FO while on the pink layer I used Peppermint FO. Upon unmolding, this is what I saw. Although I am...
  3. G

    vitamin e oil by itself

    good afternoon everyone! i have never made soap before and i am interested in making some cold processed goat milk soap. i have been researching recipes and i have came across a lot that call for lard, olive oil, or coconut oil. however, the only oil/fat i am interested in using for my soap...
  4. C

    Weird smelling soap

    Hello! I have 3 different soaps in my shower and two of them are smelling weird. The first one is from a batch I made a year ago and I have noticed DOS in other soaps from the same loaf, it smells odd and it has turned yellow in the edges. The second one also smells and had a slight color...
  5. S

    Will my soap be safe? Sodium hydroxide and S. carbonate

    Hi everyone, please help! So I braved it last night and made a cold process 100% coconut oil soap, only a small batch, like 500g. Thing is after leaving it in the mold last night I was packing thing away and looked again at the ingredients on my two bottles of “caustic soda drain cleaner”. (Yes...