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  1. Wynona Genesis

    Partial Gel Spots

    I just made this soap last night. I've read somewhere that if you place kaolin clay on your fragrance oils they will last longer in your soap so I did it. On the green layer, I used Eucalyptus FO while on the pink layer I used Peppermint FO. Upon unmolding, this is what I saw. Although I am...
  2. G

    vitamin e oil by itself

    good afternoon everyone! i have never made soap before and i am interested in making some cold processed goat milk soap. i have been researching recipes and i have came across a lot that call for lard, olive oil, or coconut oil. however, the only oil/fat i am interested in using for my soap...
  3. C

    Weird smelling soap

    Hello! I have 3 different soaps in my shower and two of them are smelling weird. The first one is from a batch I made a year ago and I have noticed DOS in other soaps from the same loaf, it smells odd and it has turned yellow in the edges. The second one also smells and had a slight color...
  4. S

    Will my soap be safe? Sodium hydroxide and S. carbonate

    Hi everyone, please help! So I braved it last night and made a cold process 100% coconut oil soap, only a small batch, like 500g. Thing is after leaving it in the mold last night I was packing thing away and looked again at the ingredients on my two bottles of “caustic soda drain cleaner”. (Yes...