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  1. R

    Questions about Liquid Soap

    Hi all! Some questions about liquid soap. I'm coming from a cold process solid soap background. 1.) Previous threads on this forum suggest dual/hybrid lye does not really have an effect on the final thickness of liquid soap. However, in this YouTube video, the soapmaker uses dual/hybrid lye...
  2. Amonik

    Canola liquid soap for housecleaning?

    I want a soap to use for housecleaning, and the idea was to use 100% canola/rapeseed to keep it local-ish. However, that gave me a ”cleansing” value of 0, so I added some coconut. This is my recipe: My plan is to follow the method DeeAnna describes in this thread...
  3. Sarah82

    Help! My CP liquid soap is not diluting

    Hello Everyone, I made my second batch of cp liquid soap with 60% olive oil and 40% coconut oil. The oils were 1 kg in weight. When my soap paste was ready I added 2 liters of water for dilution it's been diluting since two weeks but still has blobs of soap paste. What is happening? Do I need...
  4. grayceworks

    just experimenting, interesting results

    I recently read about someone making liquid soap using the CP method, rather than cooking it. I was intrigued, so I figured, I need to make a new batch of dishsoap anyhow, why not? I decided to try with PKO instead of CO, also, just to compare against previous batches. So, I used my usual 1%...