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  1. M4321g

    65% Coconut oil bar

    Hello , I recently made a batch of soap and I usually stick to same recipe but I was distracted and messed up and used 65% of coconut oil instead of the original 35 % i use . I did 5% sf like it showed on the soap calc but I’m afraid they are going to be too drying because I know that a...
  2. WhittanyWho

    It’s the underdog

    During its first debut, this soap wasn’t a big hit. It even came in a container with a sponge the first time around. I reduced the packaging, and I gave it a new, goofy name, and it became a big hit this weekend. It could be that people are finally starting to believe that this cleans everything...
  3. Liquidsoaper

    What % Citric Acid do I need to chelate (liquid) coconut soap?

    My house has hard water, and my DIY 100% coconut oil-based liquid soap (I used distilled water to dilute) is leaving soap scum when I rinse it off. For my next batch, what percent of citric acid should I add to help chelate? Is there any difference (besides adding more KOH) between using citric...
  4. M

    fragrance / essential oils

    is it safe to use fragrance oil in cold process dish washing soap? I made a soap that was intended for body use but just too drying for the skin. I’ve seen a good amount of dish washing recipes with 100% CO . I’m wondering if I could use up the soap for washing dishes so it doesn’t waste :) I...
  5. M

    First batch fail ??

    Hello everyone! I’ve made my first real batch of soap . I’m not too sure if this is normal for the particular soap I made and know it’s tricky when working with only coconut oil . I made my batch July 26 . Saturday night and took it out of the mold july 27 9:30 am , when I tried to cut the soap...
  6. Keaton

    Just made my first batch 3 hours ago...

    I started out on a DIY natural beauty kick, and I was kicking around online in bed, planning out a whole two-step washing, clay and essential oil and blabla regimen. The first site recommended a face wash with liquid castile soap as the base. IDK how much it costs where y'all live, but even...
  7. LoveForTheBeard

    Needing help with beard shampoo for my man

    Hello, I realize that this endeavor may be tricky as there is not much information out there on beard shampoo. I've been doing my research but its been difficult to find out what I need exactly to make a nice beard shampoo to go with my beard oil. I have a lot of essential oils that I will be...