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  1. Makers Vlog 4 | POWER TOOLS? | MO River Soap

    Makers Vlog 4 | POWER TOOLS? | MO River Soap

    Holly @ Missouri River Soaps demonstrates power tools adapted to soap making. I particularly like the Cocoa Butter cutting demonstration.
  2. D

    Cocoa butter advice please

    I opened my Shea butter today to discover cocoa butter instead, can’t return it as the Amazon window has closed so I’m going to give it a go. Some advice though please - does it lose its smell in soap? If not what fragrances work well with it? - what kind of bar does it make? I use shea up to...
  3. J

    Seven Single-Bar Batches of Soap

    I bought some Flaxseed Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter and made some sample batches. 1. Coconut Oil 144 g, Flaxseed Oil 73g, Aloe Vera Gel 82g, Sodium Hydroxide 33g It made pink soap. 2. Coconut Oil 144 g, Cocoa Butter 73g, Aloe Vera Gel 82g, Sodium Hydroxide 33g It came out a dark cream or...
  4. Nyknits

    I’m trying cocoa butter today

    Hello Everybody, I hope everyone is healthy. Whew boy, these past few months have been difficult. I’m soaping, knitting and bread baking myself silly. I knitted up some wonderful face cloths in Pima cotton to gift along with a bar of soap. I want to try a new recipe today. I have yet to use...
  5. Anstarx

    Using chocolate in soap: How much cocoa butter in black chocolate?

    I've been planning to make a chocolate themed soap and I want to use actual chocolate in it. I have some really nice black chocolate left over from New Year and will never be able to finish them so I wan to try use them in soap as partial replacement to cocoa butter. However, I can't find...
  6. Emily4028

    First cocoa butter soap

    Hi all, I’m a beginner looking to make a conditioning soap with a creamy lather that leaves skin feeling super soft. I came up with the following recipe using soapcalc and several forums on this site. It’s my first time using cocoa butter. I just tried it after 1 week of curing (I couldn’t...
  7. Mestiza Girl

    Kaolin Clay Recipe Help!

    Hey everybody! I'm trying to concoct an exfoliating lemon poppyseed soap for my second batch ever!! My first batch used the same oils in the same amounts and turned out pretty great (all I added to that batch was rose fragrance). I was wondering if I could apply the same percentages to this...
  8. Maaki

    Three ingredient soap recipe- Avocado, coconut, cocoa

    Hello guys. Im new to the forum and first post here :). Im somewhat of a newbie and I am planning on making a very m̶o̶i̶s̶t̶u̶r̶i̶z̶i̶n̶g̶ conditioning and luxurious bar trying to use exclusively avocado oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter in HP and would like your opinions on the matter. The...
  9. KimT2au

    Cut my first batch of Guinness soap

    I cut my first batch of Guinness soap today. The soap cut well but I was having trouble with the bars crumbling and breaking at the bottom of the bar. It is amazing what you find at SMF when you use the search button. If found two possible solutions to this problem :D I have not beveled...
  10. Zing

    what type of cocoa butter?

    I have a round plastic jar of cocoa butter (from Whole Foods). Scraping it out with a spoon is really difficult and time-consuming and leaves my hand sore. What type of cocoa butter is easy to work with and where do you get it? I'm in the midwest USA. Thanks!
  11. MySoapyHeart

    Maximum of Cocoabutter in CP?

    Updated info - Maximum of Cocoabutter in CP? I am sorry to bother you fine folk`s, but I found it safer to start a new thread instead of resurrecting old threads and quoting old posts. I have searched the forum, and read many posts that said some of you like to use a lot of cocoabutter in your...
  12. Meltiongson

    Whipped soap recipe

    I want to try whipped soap. Will this recipe work? Olive oil - 400g Coconut oil - 200g Shea butter - 300g Cocoa butter - 100g Water as percent of oil weight - 38% Super fat - 5% Lye - 132.90g Water - 342g Just give me your suggestions and comment if this recipe will work and if...
  13. Meltiongson

    My Dream Soap Recipe

    Hey everyone. Im just a newbie in soap making world and I really need your help on formulating my very first soap recipe. It includes shea butter, cocoa butter, emu oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and goats milk. Please guys, can anyone help me? :sad: this is...
  14. S

    first CP soap, medicinal smell?

    Hello, I'm a brand new to soap making. I completed my first batch a week ago, using a slight variation on Soap Queen's basic recipe using coconut, palm, olive oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. I ran it through the soap calculator and it seemed to come out really well. It has cured for a...