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  1. soapdoughenthusiast

    Matisse blue nude cutouts MP soap

    Hi, I made melt and pour soap with an embed of Matisse's blue nude cutouts. The embed goes all the way through the bar. I used peppermint essential oil from Bramble Berry, the blue dye was also form there. The soap base is from New Directions Aromatics and it is a no sweat clear base.
  2. S

    New to the Forum! Hello, questions on Clear M&P bases

    -Hey to anyone reading this and thanks. I recently started a journey to create a cosmetic product with my fiance. The product is a “soap brow”. -Im looking to make a hard soap that has a stickiness and sets dry when combined with a small amount of water. -the soap bases i have tried are...
  3. S

    Home made bitters in soap

    Hello ppl! I am a new one to this soap thing and my brains can't stop thinking on how to colour my soaps naturally,scent them or just what to add to it. And in one of my frenzyes of looking throughout my house for anything that i could add i've found some jars of an older project where i made...