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  1. Wendy90292

    Cleaning up black oxide?

    I diluted just 2 measly teaspoons of Crafter's Choice Matte Black Oxide pigment in 2 T of Sweet Almond Oil. Now I have Black Oxide all over my silicone tools, plastic bowls, scrub brushes, two wash cloths, my gloves, my mold...anything made from plastic and/or silicone that it touched. I can't...
  2. G

    Possible reaction to lye? Anyone else have this irritating issue?

    Hi everyone! I have been lurking forums, watching countless videos and taking copious notes for a few months, and today decided it was time to be brave and try my first batch of CP soap. Despite all of this research I am still painfully new so please forgive my possibly dumb questions :oops...