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    Chamomile tea soap

    Hello, I want to make chamomile tea soap and want to Include ground up tea leaves in the soap. I am wondering if anyone has used the tea in tea bags or would you advise against it? I just thought maybe it would smell more like the tea, but I can't find anything to say if there's anything in...
  2. M

    chamomile EO !

    hi everyone ! i made my list of ingredients for my first recipe with (50%OO, 28%CO ,12% Shea butter and 10% Castor oil ) i want to add some chamomile EO on it , but i'm little bitte confused . i read that EOs lost their scent after a couple of weeks or days , so i have some questions ? is it...
  3. A

    Help!! Chamomile tea problem

    Hello I have a question I am a first time soap maker I use goat milk soap base. I am making a lemon chamomile tea. I melted my soap put esstenial oil in and the loose tea. It is wrapped in plastic wrap now I notice that all of the sudden it is starting to bleed a red as well as it starting...
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    How tis everyone doing on this beautiful sunny day? Its been raining here forever. Today is the first day with sun in ages :D heh, its about the small things. Has anyone used chamomile tea instead of water? How strong is the tea? I am thinking of making unscented soap and I am looking for...
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    Is this a partial gel??

    Hello, Last night I made a Lavender Chamomile Greek Yogurt CP Soap. I poured it into the mold at 9PM and put it into the freezer with a thin piece of cardboard covering it- to prevent gel. I left it in freezer for 12 hours. Then I moved it to the fridge for 6 hours. Then I left it on counter...