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  1. Charlie GYW

    Gel Candle Cloudy

    Hi everyone, I did a ton of research before making my first gel candles, to ensure I had the right temperatures, FO, wicks etc. Despite this, my first batch of 3 are cloudy when set - not freshly poured, but set/cured. There was a lot of air in them, so some online advice said to pop them in...
  2. K

    Buffalo Soup Kettle?

    Hi guys, I am fairly new to candle making and I was finding it a hassle to melt my wax over a double boiler every day and my housemates were getting annoyed with me always using the kitchen for this purpose. I have seen a lot of people using a buffalo soup kettle to melt their wax and it is...
  3. MichaelG

    Greetings from London

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. Next month my partner and will launch a new aromatherapy candle brand which we're very excited about. We will start on Etsy, learn as we go while we work on developing the range and a Shopify store. It's all hands on deck now as we getting...
  4. J

    Candle help.

    I am a new candle maker and I have a few questions.... First, do you use stearic acid in your soy candles? If you do or don't, what are thoughts on using stearic acid?Second, I've switched scents, waxes, and my measurements and my scent throw still isn't up to par. What could I be doing wrong...
  5. J

    My soy candles have holes/rough surface at the side! Help!

    Hi guys! I'm pretty new to candle making and have been using the GW464 wax to make my candles. As you can see in the photo, there are holes/cracks(?) that are quite visible at the sides of my glass candles. I heat my jars till it's warm to the touch before pouring. I add my fragrance in at 7%...
  6. J

    Testing Wax Melt Colors

    I am relatively new to making candles/wax melts. I was curious if there was a way to test colors without having to color a whole batch and potentially ruin it. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you
  7. Reto Spescha

    Weak and waxy hot throw, please help!

    Hello, I am new to candle making and I am sure this has been discussed before, but I just wonder if you could help me with a fresh opinion. I am using 464 golden brands wax and I use about 8%-10% fragrance oils in my testing candles. Now the cold throw is amazing, however, the hot throw seems...
  8. S

    White patches on candle

    Hi all, I wanted help with this problem i am facing in candle making. I'm getting white spots and uneven coloring in my candle. I use wax by scrapping from normal household candles; crayons for coloring; aroma and pour into glass jars. The coloring is even initially but after leaving overnight...
  9. Zing

    sinkhole around wick?

    My son started making paraffin candles which are beautiful. But around the wick, there is an indented sinkhole. How can this be prevented? Or does it require a second pour? Thanks for any advice.
  10. divona98

    Best price coconut oil has the best price that I've found so far on 76* pure coconut oil, even better than Big Lots prices, and that includes shipping costs. 102 fl oz jug at Big Lots is $12.00 (and they are usually sold out) so .12 cents an oz 35 lbs (abt 560 fl oz) at Webstaurant is $31.50 plus...
  11. M

    Advice needed! My candle keeps going out!!!

    Hello! (Please see pics they may help work out the problem!) I am new to candle making and made my first ever candle last week. I have made it using soy wax and EOs (Myrhh, Cinnamon Bark and blood orange) and am very happy with the cold scent throw and also the hot. I have made these candles...
  12. T

    Gel wax

    Hi I'm new to candle making and I want to make an ocean theme candle and I have hit a wall. I can't search from my phone but I was hoping to get some help about fragrances. I want to use a gel wax to make the candle because of the clarity with other wax used for the fish. I read that gel wax can...
  13. soymilk

    candy cane (red and white) candle

    Hey. Any tips or ideas on how do you make a candy cane (red and white stripe) candle? I'll be using soy wax
  14. C

    Soy wax melts

    I'm currently using Ecosoya PB to make my wax melts. I was wondering if anyone on here uses this mixed with GW464? If so what ratio do you use?
  15. T

    Air Pockets in Wax and Splitting/Canyon Formation

    I am Making a Beeswax candle for my family and friends and i am using a standard square like Jar but i have run into a serious problem! The candle does not burn properly and it looks terrible from the above perspective where you light it. There is a huge crack see image below along the sides of...
  16. H

    Sealing wax

    Hello, Has anyone made sealing wax from paraffin or bees wax? Does anyone know how it is made? I just got an order that requires some sealing wax for stamping the wedding logo on wedding favors. I have paraffin and bees wax available to me and quickly. Ordering is also an option but it...
  17. M

    Unfilitered Beeswax for Candle Making

    Hello, I've been making beeswax candles for a while, but I have always bought filtered beeswax from one specific seller on Etsy. I have gotten very used to the process and for the most part, it goes smoothly every time. I usually only make 5 or 6 candles a week and sell them to locals in my...