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  1. B

    Cost per bar of soap

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie and was looking to get some other's feedback on your cost per bar of cold process soap. First of all, our soap is costing around $1.50/5oz bar, or $0.30/oz. This is using organic oils, non organic everything else. Using all natural ingredients, like colored kaolin...
  2. S

    Oil suppliers

    Hi! So I found a couple websites where the oils I need are sold, but I’m not really sure I can buy them to use them to formulate my product. I feel I’m kind of cheating mixing them to create something of my own. I also contacted the suppliers, but, in the meantime I need your opinions. What do...
  3. MatthewDM

    Bulk/Wholesale Oils

    1. Does anyone know a wholesale seller of base oils in Southern California that allows for personal pick up (to avoid shipping cost)? 2. What are the better online sites that are wholesale sellers of base oils that have low (or no) shipping cost? 3. I love soap crafting Thanks :-)
  4. C

    Wholesale Olive Oil

    Does anyone have a supplier that they have found that offers the BEST price on Bulk Olive Oil purchases??
  5. T

    Bulk oil supplier in the UK???

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post :p I've been soaping for 2 years and keep buying 1kg tub of coconut and palm oils form a supplier. Recently I realized the price was actually very expensive :? (both around £8 for 1kg tub). Now I'm considering to buy in bulk but couldn't...
  6. T

    Fragance Oil manufacturers

    Hi Soapers! I'm looking for excellent sources to purchase bulk fragrance oils directly from the manufacturer. So 25 lb. quanitites or more. Does anyone have recommendations? I know of Agilex in NJ, but I need a couple others as well. Thanks!!!!!!
  7. Z

    Interested in purchasing a bulk order of plain lard-based soap bars

    Interested in purchasing a bulk quantity of plain lard-based soap bars Greetings, I live in Minneapolis, MN and am interested in purchasing a large quantity of lard-based unscented soap. Ideally the soap would contain nothing more than lard and lye. Also, would be nice if you lived nearby...
  8. D

    100+ Gallons of rendered pork fat: Nightmare or Dream come true?

    I've (mistakenly?) acquired 100+ gallons of already rendered pork fat that is liquid at room temperature and I'm in desperate need of suggestions of how to put it to use. Obviously soap making would require loads of man hours or sourcing a decent operation and arranging something. Can anyone...