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    SLSA vs SCI

    Hi Creatives Is there much difference between SLSA and SCI? I'm thinking of switching to SCI for my bath bombs and bubble bars, but need to know if there is a huge difference in performance
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    Help with Two Wild Hares Frosting recipe

    I purchased the Two Wild Hares Frosting Recipe and I'm struggling. I've contacted them and they gave me some tips, but I still can't pipe it. It's to thick. What I'm doing: waiting for the liquid ingredients to be less than 90 degrees, using 50% proof vodka. Last time added probably about 3...
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    Sles70% and coco betaine for bubble bar/bomb

    Hi. Im new here. All these while im just doing melt and pour and lye based soaping. This time i would like to try using surfactants. In my hand only have sles70% and coco betaine. Do i need to dilute sles to 27% or i can use direct follow the formulation? Anyone can help me the ratio should be...
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    Does anyone make the Bubble Bars?

    I have been making bubble bars over and over and trying to come up with the right recipe.. It seems they look great and then they crumble and crack. I don't know what can help them from crumbling and cracking. It is more for the presentation part of it. The product is good. I use the SLSA...