bubble bars


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    Help with Two Wild Hares Frosting recipe

    I purchased the Two Wild Hares Frosting Recipe and I'm struggling. I've contacted them and they gave me some tips, but I still can't pipe it. It's to thick. What I'm doing: waiting for the liquid ingredients to be less than 90 degrees, using 50% proof vodka. Last time added probably about 3...
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    Sles70% and coco betaine for bubble bar/bomb

    Hi. Im new here. All these while im just doing melt and pour and lye based soaping. This time i would like to try using surfactants. In my hand only have sles70% and coco betaine. Do i need to dilute sles to 27% or i can use direct follow the formulation? Anyone can help me the ratio should be...
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    Does anyone make the Bubble Bars?

    I have been making bubble bars over and over and trying to come up with the right recipe.. It seems they look great and then they crumble and crack. I don't know what can help them from crumbling and cracking. It is more for the presentation part of it. The product is good. I use the SLSA...