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  1. Homesteading

    Hard, Brittle, Weeping CP Soap Issue

    I am new to making soap. I have about 6 batches under my belt, but two of those recipes behaved badly. They recipes a variation of the following recipe, using milk in place of water (I use the frozen milk cubes and add dry lye crystals to the cubes, the milk stayed nice and white the whole...
  2. C

    LARD- store bought vs home made

    2 concerns here... I made soap with store-bought lard and it turned out great. I made the same recipe with lard I rendered myself from our pigs. It turned out hard, dry, and brittle, and very drying. Has anyone had this problem? Is there difference I'm not realising between home made and...
  3. Purplerain

    1st soap questions, questions, questions!

    Made my first soap a few days ago and thought I aced it, but noooooo.... Used this recipe: 300 g lard (tenderflake) 270 g olive oil (extra virgin - all I had) 30 g castor oil 79 g lye 228 g distilled water Also used about 6-8 drops of an essential oil I got in Paris a few years ago...
  4. M

    Brittle hard soap. Help!

    Hi All, I'm new to soap making and attended a soap making workshop a couple of weeks ago. Loved it! Being inspired I gathered ingredients straight away and made my first batches. Made lemon and coconut with dried microplaned lemon rind and desiccated coconut which seemed to turn out of...