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  1. V

    Body lotion

    Hello! I’ve been making body products for a while, I’ve been trying to make body lotion and I’ve been having problems with it. Separation is a huge problem, I don’t know if I mix too much, my temperatures are not the same or my recipe has errors. Thank you so much! I’m doing 65% water 7.8%...
  2. Elise

    Coffee in DIY lotion

    I'm wondering if anyone here have ever tried using coffee (watery liquid form, not the grains) in DIY lotion or body products ? My only experience with DIY body products is making balms (so no water content) with bee wax. And I want to try making body creams including some type of watery content...
  3. A

    Why is my body lotion lumpy?

    Hello all! Been reading through these forums for a long long time now! First time that I'm posting! 😀 Can someone look over my body lotion/cream formula and let me know why my lotion (very thick lotion, feels sort of like a cream) gets lumpy when the temperature dips? Very very tiny lumps (see...
  4. E

    Issues with my body lotion recipe

    Hi all!! I need help with my body lotion recipe. The preservative that I am using is affecting the smell of my final product. I am using 1.5% of Optiphen Plus in my recipe. This is like my third batch of body lotion and it is happening that. Should I use Optiphen instead of Optiphen Plus? Am...
  5. Zelda Rose

    looking for a Spa Type lotion kit

    I'd like to start making body lotions but want to use a "kit" the first time. I've been looking at Wholesale Supplies Plus but I'm not sure if the lotions are light or heavy. I like the lighter lotions. Does anyone know of any other sites that sell good kits? An organic one would be great. Thanks